Teach me your ways, OH LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I will fear your name.

Psalm 86:11

I will be your God throughout your lifetime until your hair is white in age. I made you, and I will care for you. I willI will be your God throughout your lifetime until your hair carry you along and save you.

Isaiah 46:4

Blessed is the man whose quiver is full.... Psalm 127:5

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Friday, February 23, 2018


My sister shared beautiful, eloquently spelled out emotions tonight. Raw, candid, and carefully arranged feelings about what once was. Moments that are now memories.

In the midst of a season that is proving to be one of the hardest I have ever lived; I need to beg you to cherish each moment.

I remember my mother's voice shaking on the other end of the line as I sat on the cold, wooden floor unable to move. The pounding feet seemingly synced with my racing heart as I ran down the hall, still echo in my head. Questions I asked, haunt me as being so stupid and unnecessary. My grandmother, who was slowly slipping away from me, stood so confused as I packed my black suit and tried desperately to pack what I thought I might need. An event I had never attended in my life loomed in front of me. "I need to go now, dad". He took my keys and told me I was in no way driving myself to be with my sister. "We aren't losing you today too."

The three hour ride that normally contained music cranked too loud and excitement for the upcoming weekend, seemed to take days.

I am bigger than my sister. I am taller. I am stronger.

My job was to be the strong one. I drove for the next 7 days. I held her hand as my mom walked her through the paper work. I caught her as her knees buckled during 21 of the loudest shots I have ever heard. I wasn't the strong one at all that week.

As she wept, I packed all my emotions into a box and refused to feel. Feelings weren't what she needed from me. She would wake up screaming and I would hold her as she fell back asleep. Popping up in the middle of the night as the safe combination came back to memory, and then screaming out in anger as she couldn't get it to line up. As I would lay there next to her and try to imagine what life would be like; I was so scared for her.

She is the strongest woman I know. In the last 15 years, we have weathered nothing as daunting as death but have been on the edge of our seats clinging to each others hands. Watching Paige graduate. Signing my divorce papers. Burying three grandparents. Swallowing some diagnoses that I just sat numbly and heard as Kate said "you aren't ok. But call me when you are ready". When I tried to zip my wedding dress and it took Katie and my cousin Stephanie, we laughed and laughed.  When I got a job offer, Katie ran the numbers with me but also weighed out the emotional wreckage.

There is an amazing story behind Katie meeting her husband now, Pete. I will leave it to her to tell you, just not today. I gave a fantastic speech at her wedding if I do say so myself and still have my notes tucked into my drawer. We texted for hours last night over the way to design the centerpiece of my new table.

"daddy, go bye bye" is the most gut wrenching phase you can hear a two year old say. A screen door between a toddler and a red truck driving away is pain like no pain you can imagine. Those next six weeks, I saw my sister rise and conquer a whole new way of life. She is incredible. She is strong, She is not always my favorite person because she reads me like a book.

Cherish every moment. Painful moments. Joyful moments. Learning moments. The moments you believe you are at your worst, could be the moments someone sees your strengths. Moments you chalk up to failure could be the most impressive moments to a crowd you never saw. Moments can change out lives. Live your moments with purpose. Love in each moment with all that you are.

Don't tell her I like her please, at least, not today.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Littles to Middles and In Between

I just finished an article centered around the age transition of adorable toddlers to middles. Well I am here, and its weird and it smells funny!

One minute I am getting a text strand that compiles a grocery list including the ingredients for the meal plan this week. Fast forward to my arrival from work, where there is nail polish on the coffee table. A bowl of ramon next to MY bathtub, where my bath bomb jar was raided for a great bubble bath. 

* I need to insert here that my TEAM of sitters is amazing. Primarily because there are 5 kids. Five kids to feed. Five kids to over see home work. Five kids to keep from killing each other. If you don't get the picture here, message me for my address and I will give you a free lesson for understanding!*

During the text conversation with my child on the babysitter's phone; I parked at the middle school to pick up another child of mine. My van sits parked next to suburbans, small cars, and in perfect view of the large yellow school bus spilling sweaty boys. Yet I wait. And wait. And wait. Boys dragging duffle bags and sleeping bags pile into parent's cars as I wait. Unbuckling my seat belt, I climb out and head into the weather that has seemingly dropped 25 degrees since I left work. (exaggerating a little here, ok) There he stands. Several boys in full camo standing there exchanging stories of their journey. Can I be mad? I exchange a few pleasantries with the coaches and ask the questions I know wont get answered by the boy and then as the icicles form on my nose, call him to head home. "OH I DIDNT EVEN KNOW YOU WERE HERE!" Literally 6 feet from him, and he never knew I was there. Never have I heard a young man gush about a trip more than tonight. "I broke a kids elbow!" "There was no way he was really in my weight class" on and on until we got home. Then the face. The stone-cold-too-cool-to-talk face. The others asked questions and got grunts and shrugs. Yep, the teenage boy has returned.

He disappeared. Reappeared to eat, and then gone again. It was then that I discovered the nail polish.

The girls asked to play one round of go fish before bed and I invited the little boys to join us. "Mom, can Logan and I just finish this show instead" Sure dude! 15 minutes before bed!

So we play our game. Lorelei insists we are all cheating and watching her cards. Lex continues to ask for cards she doesn't even have just because it upsets Lorelei and I am just wishing the game would end. Rounding the corner on the last fishing request, Luke's eyes fill with tears. "Am I too late?", he asks. Lukie, it is time for bed my friend. "But mom I didn't get to play!"  Dealing with a minor moment of melting, I usher him to the kitchen for his night meds and they head towards their beds. Chris has only been out of town two days, but they all have a make shift bed made of blankets on my floor and rock-paper-scissors for the coveted empty spot in my bed.

Can we call poppy before bed?
Just one drink of Lemonade?
I should pee one more time!
My legs itch can I have my lotion?

NO! Its bed time! We have school tomorrow! Groans and arguments begin to fly out from over dramatic and tired children. Then like a shark attack I remind them that if we cant sleep well in moms room we have to go back upstairs... it quickly falls silent.  I grab my book and head to the TV room for a few minutes of winding down.

Laughter begins to carry through my house.... those aren't very sleepy noises I hear, I say as I make my way to the bedroom. Nothing was heard from the mothers mouth as Lorelei whipped her brother in the face with pajama pants and Logan laughed the deepest belly laugh and Lex lay there in panic. Panic? From the angle I approached she saw me first. Then Lorelei caught her sister in the corner of her eyes and froze like Elsa.

Is it bad that these are some of my favorite moments? I wish I could capture their faces. I wish so badly these are the faces that would scroll on a graduation video!

The boys now both pretended to be the most sound of sleepers. As I gave my stern mom speech and reminded Alexis of her nail polish and ramon in my bathroom; Lorelei cries. Cries because she is mad I am making them sleep. Cries because it isn't fair that they have to go back to school tomorrow. Cries because I should quit my job and homeschool them.

I promise I am not making anything up! This is really my life. Did I tell you the 6 foot, 14 year old wandered down and hugged me good night? Then was gone again!

Two of the five have attention disorders. Two of the five have coping needs that are lined out in formal diagnosis. One of them believes she is smarter than her momma, and probably is, but doesn't cover her tracks well. One of them is just really good at playing my heart strings.

They all not fight to take a shower. They all smell funny. None of them wash their hair well. They cant seem to all wear deodorant on the same day, and wear more body spray instead.

This is life. This is littles to middles and in between.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Instructions not included

What seems like lifetimes ago my job as a mom was to change diapers, maintain feeding schedules, pump my life away, and kiss boo boos. I wasn't naïve enough to believe that the craziness I lived wouldn't change. Telling you I knew this was coming? Nope.

It was my job then to teach them to love Jesus, help their precious minds to dream and protect them with every instinct I had. That is still true. There are nights I lay night to Lex and we talk until we laugh, and then we cry. My Lexi girl is smart. She gets a lot more than I think she does. Our kids don't like secrets; they like to feel confident and know what is coming next. Lolly needs structure: we get up at the same time, you have 5 minutes to put your shoes on or there are consequences, next pack your lunch... etc. Luke cries about everything. His heart is tender, so so tender. Bro? He is our comic relief! After worrying so long about what came next, sometimes his genuine belly laughter reminds me that things are ok. Caleb, is an adventure every day. Learning each other, learning his heart and trying to learn his ever growing mind. Haley is missed. WE write her letters and talk often on the phone.

I am not sure what you gathered but it is still my job to protect them with every instinct I have. Changing diapers passed with time but now making sure they have clothes and food rests here. Things I thought would be stable and reliable quickly changed. Say what you want, make your judgements but I ask you this... is my job not the same?

There are days I hit my bed and crash hard, because I worked all night or because I worked two jobs and can barely keep my eyes open. Babies that signed that they needed things got me amazing mom comments, but some how when you raise your kids differently from others you don't get Christmas cards any more. People don't know how to deal with the brokenness.

I am happily married and have laughed more in the last year than I can remember. My dad commented over thanksgiving that he has never seen me so happy and healthy. On a daily basis I cry out to God and ask him why I am so happy when I see the brokenness in my kids hearts. I beg him to heal them like I know only he can. Chris is amazing and one day my kids will get that it is the roll being filled not the one filling it. But why is it like that? What is there absenteeism? Why do I still struggle to protect their hearts?

This is what I have learned. I cant do any of it. Just like I can give my life to Christ and still be subject to satan's tempting, no matter how many walls I build my kids heart can still be broken. It is part of growing for both of us. Reminds me to rely on God to help their precious minds dream and to remember that there are boo boos I cant kiss. Keeps me mindful that sometimes, I am salt in that wound.

Emotions are hard for me. I don't talk well. Ironically however when I sit here at the keyboard things pour out. Maybe that why it has been over a year since I was here. Avoiding things makes them seem less real. About the time things regulate and we seem to figure things out my kids ride some unorthodox roller coaster and come home a mess. I work a lot. I am not going to tell you I am super available. I kiss them goodnight, I provide health Insurance, a steady pay check and every morning I am the first and last face they see before school.

As these kids redefine what "mom" means each day, I wonder how many of you are living this journey? How many of you feel like although things look differently than you imagined feel like it is a mountain you cant climb? I have an amazing climbing partner, yet understanding the emotional turmoil in my head is no easy feat.  Praying and venting are a regular part of my day. Sometimes I call my dad and say I just need to talk. When I am done he says are you finished? That was a mess? It doesn't have to make sense, there doesn't have to be contextual value.... I just need it out.

I ask you now to consider the person you might have passed today with a screaming child in Walmart, or maybe the person that pushed a shopping cart into a store in the mall where it didn't belong, or the five year old that was being carried because he cant handle a large crowd. Did you know their story? Could you have carried the five year old and everything those emotion issues entailed? Begging you now to listen before you speak and hear what is being said. Being a mom looks different on all of us and quite frankly feels different for all of us. This whole mom thing is hard.

Have a baby they said. Its beautiful they said.

The emotions you feel the first time you hold that precious child in your arms, are nothing compared to when its heart gets broken the first time.  Be patient as we navigate this together.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Where is Chapter 1?

When you have your first baby every one warns you that there is not an instruction book. No certain and defined path is pointed out. Only you can blaze the trail to what motherhood will be for you.

You think in those moments about the rolling over, the first steps, or  maybe the first words... All the while there is a lovely lullaby playing in your head to accompany what you think then will be the milestone moments in your child's life. Little did I know...

Four Deliveries, all different and four bright eyed blessings with very different personalities. Some things however, they feel the same. The displays of emotions may be VERY different but all the same feelings are represented. This last year has been all over the place. Their dad lives in a different place, I work full time and three of them are in SCHOOL! Logan goes to a wonderful daycare each day and ALL of them are thriving!

Joel and I are not together. That doesn't mean we aren't parents to four precious little people anymore. It just means we are parenting differently than we planned. Learning how do that requires a unique patience. They will learn with us as we learn.

We still live in our home in Georgia and are still enrolled in the same schools. There are different people and situations in our lives, but what is important is we are happy... I had been unhappy a very long time. Some times I think you guys knew I was more un happy than I did. But until I stopped long enough to acknowledge my emotions and pull my head out of the sand I wasn't going to get better. To hide it I withdrew from family and friends and tried to pretend I was okay. After a time, I needed to get healthy. I needed to get help sorting through what was wrong. "Get on medicine" wasn't a suitable solution for me. If I had truly been chemically unbalanced and needed medication to help--then fine. But I needed to clean house in my life.

Since my divorce some of the people I held dearest to me not only are gone, but have made valiant efforts to turn openly on me. Those things are fine. Through all of this I didn't just learn incredible lessons about myself. People show themselves in ways you never thought possible.

I have been promoted to a position that is salaried, with benefits and PTO that accommodates my littles much better. I am dating someone that is wonderful to my children and loves them immensely. I am happy. An emotion I haven't felt in a long time. Happiness is an emotion that is relative to what you desire. I have learned, I crave peace... my children also craved peace.

Crying out to God angrily so long because of the storm I felt I was living in. Being angry for not letting me rest even for a short time. Quoting scripture and clinging to it desperately. I was still so lost.  As I sit in the quiet living room, a movie playing as my background music and the smell of freshly delivered pizza wafting through the house I realize these are the milestones I never accounted for. Finding the peace after the storm is a process that doesn't end. Something I don't write on my calendar with an age next to it. It is something I write in an instruction book for the next courageous woman who endeavors on this journey not knowing what lies ahead. There is no book. There is no path. The fiery trail that is behind me is mine, there are none just like it. Behind each momma step there are four hearts full of faith forging with me .

The thing is, there is no sure thing tomorrow. If it weren't for the things I learned today, tomorrow wouldn't be what it could be. So for now I will rest in my peace. Peace that surpasses your understanding I am sure. But that is okay. My heart is full in a way, I never understood before. I pray that you too will understand what true peace is and what it feels like to be loved.




Saturday, May 24, 2014

No Title Necessary

Change. Definition. Undefined.

I started this blog three years ago to follow our kids as they grew and to document things I never wanted to forget. To keep those near and far posted as they accomplished things and to watch them become the men and women God has planned for them to be.

Today is no different. 

I have been writing this in my head for weeks, unsure if there was a timeline I am supposed to follow or if I am not supposed to say a single thing. There are things I do want you to know.

The four precious blessings we were given to watch over while they are here with us on earth are ok. They are happy and healthy and adapting to a new normal.

Things I know now that I didn't then? I am not quite sure you can fathom nor take them all in over one blog posting. Some of you, as the outside-looking-in may never need to know, but some things I have learned about myself over the last year I will gladly pour out to you.

As a kid I watched my parents approach and re-approach being married. There were variables that ended up making that marriage not work but I watched them try. I watched my parents put career first, I watch my mom do what ever it took to survive sometimes and I watched them both look back with things they might have wanted to change.

My job became my sanctuary. I was unhappy and wanted things to change. Maybe it would be better if I made more money. Maybe if I meet new friends. Maybe if I am successful too. Searching for self worth can be the most damaging endeavor one can ever embark upon. Somewhere in trying to be the best mom I could be, I lost me. I lost being a wife. I lost being a healthy balance.

My friends became the only people I talked to. I needed a vent. Not to vent but just a slow stream of communication... grown up words, conversations relevant to what I was living each day. Somehow I was struggling to find that, and I started looking to fill that void in any activity I could find outside my house. MOPS, Bunco, anything that could take me away...

I found myself on a bottom bunk last July asking where it all went. There I was in the woods of east Texas scraping together conversations that should have flowed freely with gushing  details of my every moment of my favorite week of the year. Stress was at an all time high and it began to crash hard.  Coming home to a busy holiday season at work, tons of festivities at three different schools and 10 days of lone reflection.

We grew up together. But did we? Growing up happened. The together somehow got lost in the shuffle. Dreams of successful careers took shape, kids and life happened. As life changed around us it was pretty clear there were few options and it had to be fast. While our hearts broke, decisions were made. Things came to a close.

Over the last few weeks people have come out of the woodwork, to reach out and find out what happened. Truth is, what happened is ours. That is how it will stay and those are things we will preserve safely.

We love our kids more than life and will continue to grow to be the best parents we know how to be. With respect I ask that you love my children through this, and honor our right to keep what is privately ours just that. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

catching up

summer has nearly killed me and we are only half way in.  I often forget how much my kids ride each others nerves and how much that rides my nerves!

The girls did cheer camp, are scheduled to do horse back riding camp and church camp still this summer. My dad came for a week and Grampa from way far away is coming for a month. We are desperately trying to stay busy but there is no way to run our household gone all the time! Different chores had to be allocated, rooms were moved around hoping to offer "peace" to all involved....

Then amidst it all we found the terrible twos, almost threes... Well hello unwelcome guest! Didn't' I mention all we were planning this summer? That our far-away-Grampa is coming? No, really we have plenty going on-- we don't have room for extra guests right now!

I purchased a magic bullet hoping to hide the formula under a concoction, Logan drank them for a few days and then my Luke that wont eat strawberries because they have seeds--- LOVES smoothies... lol imagine that

I tried to make puree a little thicker so I could sneak milk in a pouch, and that worked for a minute. I added honey and non dairy ice cream, I added cocoa powder which I now know is actually bitter. Then... I added cocoa syrup. if you read the bottle there are risks of possible "contact contaminants" and that could be scary. Logan however is "sensitive" to these things not actually allergic by diagnosis... so the cost of not having the milk is worse than the risk of reaction. Many of you were just frustrated that I broke some sort of rule, but really the benefits far out way the risks.

NO doctors appointments this summer simply to give his body a chance to react to the formula and get a fair chance to "gain if we are gonna". Endo results were all negative. Disappointed isn't really a fair description, but I would have loved for something to jump of a page to figure out how to help him.  No tumor, no thyroid issue,  no vitamin deficiencies, and I am assuming none of the other things either... My results call was very short and sweet. " just wanted to let you know the results of Logan's test were all negative." ME: No tumor? "no ma'am everything was just fine...." ME: okay.. thank you ...

Those calls aren't supposed to be long and long calls would mean results that I might not be really ready to hear. But either way we are still praying for clarity. My peace remains that God is not finished teacheng us through this turkey boy just yet... he was born on thanksgiving btw so he has been a turkey from the beginning...

Lexi  has become obsessed with her chore .... I decided to change the subject right there... no pretty transition... She has the laundry as her Cinderella-esk duty. Its quite comical because she pulls her hair up but is going through the trying to be trendy with my hair thing and pulls her bangs down next to her eyes and I swear they stick to her head.... I HATE it but she looks like an orphan so the drama and stomping are so very appropriate. Having a digital washer with options I didn't have as a kid learning to do laundry makes her task,, just awful. "Mom, someone changed the normal cycle to warm/cold instead of cold/cold... what am I supposed to do??????" Lexi, does it have a cold/cold button you could push?... "wellllll, yea. But what if that messes something else up? maybe you should just do it so I don't mess anything up." touché my young child, I too used that line....it aint working!

Lorelei mothers our plant life. We are growing tomatoes and beans along with "just pretty" plants too. She talks to them and waters them and sweeps the front porch. The little slimy creatures that live on the front porch fascinate her (me too) and so she talks about them and to them and we talk about how we like them because they EAT BUGS! She got twin babies for her birthday so sometimes she will push them in her stroller out there to watch her "garden" hehehehehe she is such a mommy. With her new room we have noticed a few things about her that help us to "get" her better tho. When she lines her shoes up they are perfectly symmetrical down the middle of her floor, in color order. The babies are placed in their bed at night and the blanket has to be just so. The bathroom door has to be exactly half way open at bed time.... all of these things are mentioned in possible social disorders but you know what works? Her space helps a good bit. No one else is bothered by her little quirks when it is just her space. And the plants love her need for schedule and stern direction... getting watered twice a day is great for them... plus the outside time when everyone else is in inside is good for her soul.  I am having to learn that with her there are times for me to take control and times to give options... she teaches me daily... and our heels might both dig in pretty deep, so its a process for us together.

Luke, Luke, Luke... that boy gives me a run for my money. Literally. He hammered a screw into the wall over my bed, and pours water from a fancy tea pot on his sisters beds regularly. His smooches on this momma, are the best around though. The boys have started to really bond too. Being in the middle Luke and Lorelei are very close. They are most definitely partners in crime, but Logan is figuring out how to get in on some of that... heaven help us. Trouble suits sweet lukie most days and there is a worn out spot on my carpet paired with a greasy spot on the wall... his stays in the thinking spot are not few... but a guys' gotta learn howda think, right?! The boy can get me to giggle like no one else around and he knows my soft spot is that red hair... but yuke... luke is a busy little boy that keeps me exhausted...

The girls keep my mind just as tired as the boys keep my feet! There are more tweenage tendencies than I would care to list at my house now! We are going for a tv free summer for those under ten and there is a reading list on the wall and a dollar a book pay out.... we must reign in our attitudes and lying tongues. Dial soap and vinegar are my best friends right now.


Prayers for traveling mercies would be appreciated and for our daddy who will be alone only a few hours before grandpa comes for Golfing and grown up fun!

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Where's my copy of the map?

I have always promised to be open about exactly what God is doing in my life. Whether it be pretty or abstract, work is work.

Words like "no progress", "malnourished" and "at some point we start moving backwards". We met with the endocrinologist last week.  I heard things that I wasn't prepared to hear, but that somehow didn't shake me like I anticipated they would. Logan isn't just not gaining weight; he isn't making any physical change at all. After showing me "plots" on charts from 9 months, 12 months and 18 months ending in charts from that day... L had steadily been making growth in height. Now lets be real, when I say growth in height I mean like millimeters. Just enough that it was able to be noticed on an exact measurement chart.

They weighed him twice. They measured his height three times. Wrapped a tape measure around his head three times as well.  There it was in front of my face on four different "curve' charts. >3

I was told that for a child to grow, well anyone really, you have to have a base. Logan's age bracket should have 5 mm of fat. I am not a Dr so I am not professing to have this exactly correct, but this is what I understood. Logan measures 3.6mm. this means that he isn't even maintaining, much less growing. The Dr suggested that Logan is not absorbing anything, that it is quite possible he is burning to stay functioning but is not able to absorb calories at any point.

He mentioned elevated liver enzymes, which I gathered meant that Logan's body is "trying" to grow. Apparently your liver enzymes elevate when you sleep at night, because your best growing is done during these hours. Because Logan's test high all the time, it indicates his body is pushing non stop.

We tested so many possibilities to confirm all of this I cant even put it all into print. I wrote feverishly as the Dr talked but I still need to read about what I thought I heard and what it means to us. The Dr was very patient with us and spent a great deal of time just looking over every inch of my sweet boy. He noticed a few things that were slightly off and we are going to adjust our tests accordingly. The tests were categorized as "tests from a gastro angle" several times. This Dr doesn't believe that Endo is our answer, however  he says because doctors look from different angles that maybe he can find what Dr Rittmeyer has over looked.  This man was gentle and made sure to speak plainly to both boys in conversation, but was slightly "einstein-ish". I could tell that his thoughts were racing and his mouth couldn't quite catch up.

There are very obvious tests that will come back an easy fix- like thyroid-, but I'm not sure if he isn't absorbing how we will get him the meds to fix this but the dr made it sound fairly easy to remedy.  We also had additional abdominal ultrasounds to look for a tumor. I know. I know. How in the world can the kid have been under so may cameras and this been missed?! The answer he gave me was this: because Logan's intestines and colon/bowel are consistently swollen it would be hard to see around them. So now hoping we have figured out a better "stay clean" regimen there is a possibility we could see better. the Dr said out loud " this shouldn't be here" , "this could be swelling... but its not right either way", "are we feeding the tumor or the boy".

NOTHING shook me that day. I took notes, I splashed in a public bathroom for twenty minutes with my naked toddler trying to get  a urine sample, I had to discipline my 4 year old who lost his mind in the hospital... all before ten am.

Somehow I left with a perfect peace.

It wasn't until the night before at midnight when I began to let my family in on the purpose of the ultrasound and ask for prayer that it hit me. Satan then set the bats free. Ideas began to hit the walls of my empty mind and stir my emotions. I prayed and exchanged scripture with my supporters. Then the same scripture came from two different people. Two different states. Two different translations. One GOD SCREAMING AT ME. 

"When you call on me, when you come and pray to me, I'll listen Jeremiah 29:12 MSG." flew across cell phone towers from Austin, Texas, while I was texting Jeremiah 29:11 to my dad, he fired back Jeremiah 29:12-13. ALL with in moments, God grabbed me in the middle of what felt like the loneliest place I had ever been.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come to pray to me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek with all your heart. " Jeremiah 29:11-13

When we started this journey I knew that God was going to heal Logan. It was that simple. I had no idea how God would work in my life . Nor did I know that Lexi's night time prayers would include a soft spoken "God please help us figure out how to make my brother well". 

I don't know what Gods plan for our boy is. I have absolutely no idea. What I know is that each time I write about how God is working through him in me that people all over the world read it. People that in some cases have admitted having no belief in what I believe in, but are so grateful I have something to cling too.

I read a book that described a child a couple lost as "having weight". The Drs prepared the family for the worst, but the moments they had with their child "weighed' in on the entire medical staff, and everyone who later read the book and follows their story now. That is truly all I can imagine.

Whatever comes of all of this, I know that it was part of a grander plan. Clearly I am not telling you we are done fighting and we are on the backwards slope. But right now we are making zero progress and are beginning to back pedal. Investing in a new formula that is twice as expensive as the one we are already on is crazy, if there are no nutrients being absorbed, but those aren't the thoughts you have as you click away and drop it into your shopping cart.

My mind wonders often. When I see him doubled over on my bed complaining, I ask God "why?". I would not be honest if I told you HE replied instantly with comforting words. What does HE do? my little boy asks me to snuggle him to he "peels" better. When I kiss his head that one year ago didn't have hair, God subtly reminds me that things are happening. 

Though they may not be "Chartable" , there are big things happening. I may never see them, but the ways that God is working through my boy are immeasurable.